What Are the Chances of Finding Love at First Sight

Posted 20 February 2011 by admin

A lot of people find themselves wondering what their chances are of being able to find love at first sight. You will find that it basically comes down to whether or not you actually believe in love at first sight. Just about everybody believes in lust at first sight and this is usually what is mistaken for love. Make sure that you understand the difference.


When it comes to lust, you can easily mistake this for love. A lot of people describe lust in the same way that they describe love. You will have a feeling of having to have that other person. You can’t take your eyes off of them and you have to have them right then and there. Not being able to be away from each other and knowing right away that you want to have them is not exactly a sign of love. It sounds like you more than likely are suffering from a strong case of lust which can be just as fun, if the lust is more important than a long term relationship, you should maybe consider joining a swingers site, the other swingers will also be there for no strings sex, so you will be able to enjoy the lust without the commitment.


It is difficult for you to be able to know for sure if you are feeling love because lust is something that is going to fade. However, love is something that is going to have to stick around. You will need to grow to love a person through spending time with them and getting to know them. This is good, because in a long term and loving relationship you will need that.

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